St. Mary's Franciscan Shelter

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter provides temporary housing for families in Chester County.
Our shelter works with a collaboration of local organizations and churches that refer families to us. Families are accepted on a non-discriminatory basis—and must comply with the shelter rules and policies, and participate in all programs as defined in each family’s case management plan.
On-site Case Manager and Coaches work together with residents to increase self-esteem and self-reliance through weekly meetings to support goals of each family. The combined effort also keeps the residents up to date on other services and programs available in our area. A typical family may stay as long as eight weeks in a room assigned to them. They share a common laundry and bathing facilities and help with cleaning and chores around the shelter.

Our Mission
Guided by the Gospel and the spirits of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, we provide temporary shelter for homeless families. We create a community environment which fosters the dignity of each person, and we perpetually seek innovative ways to help families move toward independence.

Why We Serve
In America this year, nearly 2.5 million children and their parents will experience homelessness. At St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter, we serve these families in our community who are experiencing homelessness, and we support them along their journey to find stability, independence and a place to call home. We believe that families should stay together, and we work to ensure that during the most difficult times in their lives they can do just that. With the help of our generous volunteers, we serve over 25% of the approximate 100 homeless families in Chester County each year.

Praise for Giving Back

  • It was great to give back. Anytime you can volunteer to help others is a wonderful feeling!
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was great helping those less fortunate than us as a TA Team! It meant a lot for them to notice our shirts & know we, as a company, wanted to take time out of our business lives to do this.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was nice to all work together, and see what we accomplished. The charity we chose is one I've worked with for years, it was cool to bring a group in to help them.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was rewarding to spend time with neighbors within our own community and know that our efforts were making a difference in their everyday lives." - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was great to see the employees come together as one unit and work for an amazing charity." -Title Alliance Volunteer
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