Chesterfield Food Bank

There are families in our shared communities that go to bed hungry every night. Chesterfield Food Bank strives to stop that from happening.

We proudly serve a variety of our neighbors, the majority of whom do not qualify for government assistance. This includes:

single mothers working to try to put food on the table
senior citizens surviving solely on social security
veterans on disability
young couples just starting out
people who have just been laid off from their job.
In cooperation with local Social Services, we are locating and helping those families and individuals that would not have been helped otherwise. We strongly believe in the principle:

“Give a man a fish and feed him today, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

We serve 1,800 people a week through six different programs in Chesterfield county. These programs include:

Food on the Move
Kids Summer Food Program
Jefferson Davis Hot Meal Program
No Senior Hungry
Pantry Partners program
Our main distribution every Friday Night in Chester, VA

Praise for Giving Back

  • It was great to give back. Anytime you can volunteer to help others is a wonderful feeling!
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was great helping those less fortunate than us as a TA Team! It meant a lot for them to notice our shirts & know we, as a company, wanted to take time out of our business lives to do this.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was nice to all work together, and see what we accomplished. The charity we chose is one I've worked with for years, it was cool to bring a group in to help them.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was rewarding to spend time with neighbors within our own community and know that our efforts were making a difference in their everyday lives." - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was great to see the employees come together as one unit and work for an amazing charity." -Title Alliance Volunteer
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