Surprise Title Alliance Office Join 54 Offices Across 10 States Participating in “Gives Back Week”

[Surprise, AZ], April 23, 2019 - Title Alliance, Ltd, (Title Alliance), a family of full-service title insurance and escrow agencies, has had another successful T. A. Gives Back Week. Starting on April 8, 2019, every employee in the company across 10 states and 54 offices volunteered in the community. Each office could choose their favorite cause or local initiative. In Surprise, the team from Title Alliance Professionals, a Title Alliance Affiliate, decided to pack care packages for Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership.

“T.A. Gives Back is an important way that we can share our culture with partners,” says Lindsay Smith, Chief Strategy Officer. “It is motivating to be able to contribute to the lives of other people in our area. In each of our joint ventures, we hire local and we support local communities with this program. We have a deep and genuine interest in both our employees and communities, which is highlighted in concrete ways across our footprint throughout the week.”

Title Alliance gave each employee half a day to volunteer for the local office’s chosen opportunity. By helping the homeless, the Surprise team not only worked closely with neighbors, but also strengthened the connections within the team. This is in keeping with the Title Alliance mission to “create opportunities for personal and professional growth – one ALLIANCE at a time”.

“All our dedicated and enthusiastic employees were thrilled at the chance to help the homeless,” said Jason Bryant, Regional Operations Manager at Title Alliance Professionals. “They were excited to play a role in overcoming this specific challenge in our local environment. Not only did they get to work together while volunteering, bringing the team closer together, but they also found inspiration working so closely with the community.”

Over the course of the T. A. Gives Back week, the whole company volunteered for over 1000 hours. This is the second year that Title Alliance has facilitated this fulfilling week of community service.

About Title Alliance:
Title Alliance has been forming successful single and multi-state title joint ventures with lenders, realtors, and builders since 1983. We work with our partners to establish in-house title and settlement operations, dramatically enhancing their customer service and increasing their profit. Started and headquartered in Media, PA, Title Alliance’s family of companies are currently in 10 States with 54 total offices. Title Alliance works with partners to establish in-house title and settlement operations to dramatically enhance customer service and increase profit. More information at

Program Allowed Employees to Volunteer on Work Time in their Local Communities

Praise for Giving Back

  • It was great to give back. Anytime you can volunteer to help others is a wonderful feeling!
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was great helping those less fortunate than us as a TA Team! It meant a lot for them to notice our shirts & know we, as a company, wanted to take time out of our business lives to do this.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was nice to all work together, and see what we accomplished. The charity we chose is one I've worked with for years, it was cool to bring a group in to help them.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was rewarding to spend time with neighbors within our own community and know that our efforts were making a difference in their everyday lives." - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was great to see the employees come together as one unit and work for an amazing charity." -Title Alliance Volunteer
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