Christy Hempstead

Regional Operations Manager

Christy’s career began when she became a title processor for her parent’s title company in 2005. She spent 13 years working for her parent’s title company building a legacy of excellent customer service. In those 13 years, she learned the entire closing process, becoming a closer before she went on to manage 3 satellite offices. From there she was appointed Vice President of Operations. Christy joined Title Alliance in 2018 and is currently a Regional Operations Manager overseeing the 7 Keystone Premier Settlement Services branches. She is a licensed title agent in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and a licensed Pennsylvania Notary.

Christy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Hofstra University. She is an avid volunteer for women’s resources of Monroe County in Pennsylvania.

In 2019, Christy cooked lunch at a local shelter called Save Harbor in Bethlehem, PA.

Praise for Giving Back

  • It was great to give back. Anytime you can volunteer to help others is a wonderful feeling!
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was great helping those less fortunate than us as a TA Team! It meant a lot for them to notice our shirts & know we, as a company, wanted to take time out of our business lives to do this.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was nice to all work together, and see what we accomplished. The charity we chose is one I've worked with for years, it was cool to bring a group in to help them.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was rewarding to spend time with neighbors within our own community and know that our efforts were making a difference in their everyday lives." - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was great to see the employees come together as one unit and work for an amazing charity." -Title Alliance Volunteer
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