The T.A. Way

Title Alliance is a company based off four distinct principles: Trust, Commitment, Respect, and Integrity. Our adherence to these principles has resulted in our company being a national success within the Title Insurance and Joint Venture industry. With great power comes great responsibility and opportunity to make a positive difference in our world today. While providing an exceptional closing experience for those buying and selling real estate is something we thoroughly enjoy providing, we wanted to do more to impact the well being of our communities where we operate and reside. Giving back aligns with our principles and our culture, and it is something we passionately enjoy doing!

Working Together For Our Communities

Title Alliance looks for opportunities throughout the year to give back. Every year during one week in April, each Title Alliance employee volunteers four hours towards a charitable cause. The volunteer work usually consists of helping at food banks, soup kitchens, blood drives, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and other causes close to our office’s respective communities.
Additionally, collection drives are held in each of our offices during the summer and fall months. Typically, the summer drive consists of collecting items to benefit women’s shelters, and the fall months consist of collecting socks for homeless shelters.

About Title Alliance

Title Alliance has been forming successful single and multi-state title joint ventures with lenders, realtors, and builders since 1983. We work with our partners to establish in-house title and settlement operations, dramatically enhancing their customer service and increasing their profit.
Title Alliance is the premier developer of RESPA and state compliant title affiliated business arrangements. Our company provides a wealth of tools, resources and experiences for your ABA. We research the market to find and hire the strongest managerial candidates for your affiliated title operation.

Praise for Giving Back

  • It was great to give back. Anytime you can volunteer to help others is a wonderful feeling!
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was great helping those less fortunate than us as a TA Team! It meant a lot for them to notice our shirts & know we, as a company, wanted to take time out of our business lives to do this.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • It was nice to all work together, and see what we accomplished. The charity we chose is one I've worked with for years, it was cool to bring a group in to help them.
    - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was rewarding to spend time with neighbors within our own community and know that our efforts were making a difference in their everyday lives." - Title Alliance Volunteer
  • "It was great to see the employees come together as one unit and work for an amazing charity." -Title Alliance Volunteer
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